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Hungry to offer their talents towards a public cause, the attendees of ReRouteAVL’s Friday night community brainstorm made their case for a variety of potential alternatives to single passenger car-based transit. Organized by Code for Asheville, a local Code for America brigade, ReRouteAVL was held in a team-based competitive format, pitting local talent against local talent in a friendly and productive atmosphere. ReRouteAVL provided an opportunity for developers, engineers, designers, writers, organizers, and activists to showcase their talents and make a public impact in their own city. During Friday’s open forum at Mojo coworking, professionals from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines offered their thoughts on technological possibilities to make alternative forms of transportation safer and more efficient. Solutions for carpooling, traffic density issues, parking, and bus locating were just a few of the many proposals submitted for consideration.

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  • AVLRide: Carpooling Made Easy (

    A neighborhood approach to carpooling to connect people who live in the same area and want to carpool to work in the same area.


    • Patrick Conant
    • Jesse Michel
    • Heather Seltzer
    • Paul Meserve
    • Adam Casto
    • Lauren Showfety

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  • Where’s My Bus? (

    A nice mashup of NextBus real time bus data with Google Map directions so that a user can both see bus locations in real time and plan a route to a destination with that real time data.


    • Mark Phillips
    • Eric Willeke
    • Andrea Fey
    • Jeff Hicks
    • Rich Lee
    • Jay Hill

  • Safe Route (link coming):

    Statistical analysis of bike and pedestrian crash data to show which intersections and areas are particularly dangerous as well as the times of data that are most dangerous; huge potential for policy makers to improve safety of designated dangerous intersections


    • Tom Burnet
    • Nathan Shurte
    • Barb Mee
    • Allan Visocheck
    • Armando Pigman
    • Peter Johannessen
    • Sam Crown

  • (link coming):

    Brainstorming and Paper Prototyping around transportation issues facing festival attendees.


    • Wryen Meek
    • Sylvia Landis
    • Aron Dennen
    • Jose Gutierrez
    • Harry Pierson

  • MapMyMode (link coming):

    Multi-modal map routing with the ability to provide comments about portions of cycling and walking routes. It also allows users to decide on the most important criteria for their trip - speed, cost, difficulty (e.g. steep terrain), or how scenic the route will be.


    • Cameron Carlyle
    • Danielle Betke
    • Stephanie Chow
    • Rachael Johns
    • Rebekah David
    • Ricky Shriner

ReRoute AVL has received great coverage, both nationally and locally!

If you'd like to know more about ReRoute AVL, or would like to get in contact with a specific project team, please contact Patrick Conant