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ReRoute AVL is a civic hackathon bringing together transportation organizations and civic­ minded citizens of Asheville to rapidly conceive, design, and prototype multi­modal transportation solution apps. Code for Asheville, as a Code for America Brigade, invites the tech community, government officials, and different advocacy groups to see what data is available, listen to local concerns and ideas, and then create! This is part of the National Day of Civic Hacking, where there will be events around the country aiming to help solve local problems with technology and volunteer power.

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Friday, May 30th, 6pm - 8pm

Community Social

Mojo CoWorking, Downtown Asheville

No registration is required for this Friday evening of community input. Beer and sticky notes will be provided for sharing, adding to, and voting for ideas for projects that can be prototyped over the the day hackathon the next day.

If you've got an idea or are just curious about civic hacking but can't hang out all weekend, this is the event for you. Hackathon participants should come to the reception too but if you can't make it ­­ no worries ­­ just show up for the start of the hackathon Saturday morning.

Saturday, May 31st, 9am - 7pm


Masonic Lodge, Downtown Asheville

Masonic Lodge, Asheville, NC. Come at 8am for breakfast, networking and at 9am for team formation. Work stops at 5pm! Lunch and Dinner will also be served to participants. Presentation and awards at 6pm in the main hall.

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Attention Urbanists, Civic Hackers, Transportation Activists, Government Staff, Developers, Designers... anyone with the passion to make our city better. Join us for full day event to create an app to make transportation work for all of Asheville. Bike, Feet or Bus, bring your insights and team up for competition, all for the greater good.

We encourage a wide range of project ideas, but we ask that you focus on these core goals:

  1. Increase accessibility to alternative transportation services
  2. Consolidate information to create a centralized resource for transit
  3. Promote the benefits of mass transit, in terms of real financial, social, environmental terms
  4. Promote solutions that reduce or eliminate reliance on inefficient and dirty transportation methods

We also encourage attenddes to look through the challenges posted on Hack for Change
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All Attendees will receive:

  • $500 in Google Cloud Services credits!
  • $50 in Amazon Web Services credits!
  • A really nice custom ReRouteAVL bike water bottle
  • Reflective yellow bike bag from NCDENR Division of Air Quality
  • Lots of other event swag
  • A chance to win some great prizes while building awesome stuff and having fun
  • Snacks and beer on Friday AND breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks on Saturday

We're finalizing prize packages for the winners - details will be announced on Friday!

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Project Resources

Other Ideas

  • A map that combines existing public data sets to encourage alternative routes and transportation methods.
  • An app that shows the closest bike rack, tool kit, or other point of interest.
  • A mobile website that allows easy access to transit information.
  • A tool that determines the cost / benfit (in monetary, environtmental, or personal fitness terms) of traveling between two points via differnt modes.
  • A mobile app that displays, in real time, how long until the next bus will be arriving at the nearest bus stop - based on the actual GPS coordinates of the bus!

How to help?

Get involved Friday night, and bring your ideas and your computer on Saturday! Student groups can apply for scholarships. General Admission is $10 and gets you entrance, swag and the opportunity to do something awesome.

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